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Olive Oils from Top Selling Brands Are More Damaged Than Fake

Olive Oils more damaged than fake

According to UC Davis Olive Centre research, in addition to the frequent "fake brands" problem, they found the olive oils in California are more "damaged" than "fake".

Research pointed out the results of the lab tests based on different extra virgin olive oil standards are intriguing.

100% passed IOC* standards but 73% failed the taste test.

Five top selling brands:

70% failed the German/Australian DAGs* test

50% failed the German/Australian PPP* test

California brand (California Olive Ranch)

100% passed DAGs test

89% passed PPP test.

Italian brand (Lucini)

1/3 failed DAGs & PPP tests

Australian brand (the Cobram Estate)

100% passed DAGs test

100% failed PPP test

The mixed conclusion is that olive oils in the market are more "damaged" than "fake".

Sources of Damage:

1. Oxidation by exposure to elevated temperatures, light and/or aging.

2. Adulteration with cheaper refined olive oil.

3. Poor quality oil made from damaged and overripe olives, processing flaws, and/or improper oil storage.

Enjoi Suggestions:

Select carefully the brand that take care the oil including storage and transport conditions.

Visit their website to see if they provide accurate knowledge.

Look for packaging that is logically protecting the oil, e.g. blocks light, withstands heat and air tight.

Read Also:

*DAGs = 1,2-Diaclyglycerol

* PPP = Pyropheophytin a


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