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Enjoi High Oleic Sunflower Oil

Enjoi's High Oleic Sunflower Oil (HOSO) is a fresh & neutral flavored oil without undesirable smell or a greasy texture. It is a light clear color with hinting of fresh pears. Enjoi's HOSO is good for western and Asian cusines, especially for deep frying.

Features of HOSO

  • The lowest trans fat oil

  • The lowest oil to oxidise and decompose over frying time (see the comparison graph)

  • Smoke point is high 296°C / 564°F. Retain food temperature after cooking. Best for shallow roasting and deep fry


Benefits of HOSO

  • Healthier oil

  • Higher nutritional value

  • Longer shelf life

  • No exchanges of smell, taste or textures with other food ingredients

  • Very stable to decomposition than canola & 4 times more stable than the heavy saturated oils (palm, peanut, soybean and most other oils)


Who Are Using HOSO

  • McDonald’s Australia and other price sensitive food service providers are changing such as KFC Australia who changed over in April 2012

  • Milk powder products contain the healthier oleic oils

  • PepsiCo has bought the entire crop of the Americas for its food divisions including Frito Lay

  • True Taste Nuts, Australia

  • Smith Snack Food Company

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