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The Top Extra Virgin Olive Oil Exporter is Ashamed Again - Italy Arrests 33 Accused of Olive Oil Fra

Italy Police arrested fraud olive oil producers

Images from The Olive Oil Times

“The profit margin (700%), can be three times better than cocaine.”journalist Tom Mueller said on the 60 minutes show of CBS News.

Food Fraud is not just in Italy. It’s all around us in Hong Kong. What can you do about it? Tell the authorities or let social media reveals it!

I prefer the social media to takeover by telling everyone Not to BUY.

Every reader should tell 1,000 more readers to stop buying from the Supermarket Shelves (who are also at fault) all the oils from countries that are having the problem.

This way the people of Italy, Greece, Spain, Turkey, Ukraine etc. - where the cost of living is tougher than it ever was - will stop working for the crooks and stop the not just the fake, not pure (adulterated) extra virgin olive oil, but soybean, rapeseed, sunflower oil products being made.

Plus the customs authorities must recreate the regulations for importation of oils. For example they could stop the importation of the oils by poorly licensed purchasers looking for a share of this big profit.

I have been writing about this issue for over 4 years. The fact is Macau, Hong Kong & China are getting the BULK of the product compared to what the USA or Australia gets.


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