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Traceability 源頭追蹤

Enjoi believes good traceability is the key to provide safe and quality oil to the public.


Traditional food labelling system is not enough to guarantee the food is authentic, good quality and safe. Therefore Enjoi built up a good traceability system which has the capability of keeping track of products from farm to fork. It also monitor production processes, ensure bring no damage to our environment.

It helps to: 

  • minimize the risk of production or distribution of unsafe or poor quality products

  • assures faster response times in our customer-oriented services

  • encourages ethical and environmental friendly practice 




  • 減少生產或分銷不安全或劣質產品的風險

  • 加快以客為本的服務

  • 鼓勵實踐合符道德規範和環保的政策

Below is the QR Code to WeChat page introducing our traceability system in China.


Know more about traceability: 有關源頭追蹤

Consider Traceability When Choosing Your Oil

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