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Enjoi Canola Oil

Canola is not rapeseed. It looks very different on the inside where it matters.


In the late 1960s, plant scientists used traditional plant breeding methods to get rid of rapeseed’s undesirable qualities – Erucic acid and Glucosinolates. The new plant is called Canola. Canola oil and meal have almost No erucic acid and No glucosinolates.


Learn More at Healthy Oil - What is Canola oil?


  • Non-Genetically Modified and 100% Australian made

  • Rich in Omega-9

  • A pale clear coloured oil with definitely a distinct fresh and clean mild aroma and flavor

  • Light body, clean taste on the palate and complete absence of the fatty

  • Known for its higher stability and frying temperatures


Suitable for

  • Frying (deep, brat pan, shallow, wok, pan or stir fry), almost all Asian fast food cuisine

  • Braising, grilling, barbeques, hamburgers, Japanese, salad dressings, baking, marinades, mayonnaise and being the perfect high quality ingredient to assist and brighten the chosen spices, vegetables, meats & fish


Product Specifications

Retail Size: 10L / 2.3L (Tub)

Foodservice Size: 1000L (Pallecon) / 15L (Tin can)


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