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VITO® 50 Oil Filtration System - the Oil Cleaning Machine

Oil does not last forever, but we can extend the life of the oil by using the VITO® 50 Oil Filtration System. It helps to remove food particles that greatly lower the quality of oil, hence protecting consumers from eating unhealthy oil.



  • Filters out undesirable particles up to 2 microns (bacteria size)

  • Reduces impact to the visual of food - the fried food is free from sticky particulates, or black carbon.It also reduces change of oil color, which in turns also makes the food look better.

  • Reduce undesirable chemical reactions - collected particles contain the free fatty acids, trans fats, acrylamides that cause chemical reactions and sickness in your body.

  • Extend Frying life

  • Protects Consumers - Improves food safety, health and nutritional value of the snacks, food ingredients & finished cuisines.


VITO® 50 Oil Filtration System is now available.


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