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What Does Our Label Tells You? 我們的產品標籤

1. Enjoi Logo - "healthy oils - healthy life"

We want to promote the concept that cooking oil is one crucial part of our diet. Good quality cooking oils can improve your body function, avoid certain diseases, therefore improve quality of life. 


This is a fact that has been confirmed by numerous scientific reports but more importantly by a 13-year period where the state of New York blocked and banned all imports of any oils that had high trans fat levels during their use in the kitchen. These oils include palm, coconut, corn, cottonseed, soybean and all partial hydrogenated oils (e.g. vegetable oils made from canola, cottonseed or soybean). As a consequence the levels of chronic illnesses decreased substantially, sick days reduced etc. Moreover, the New York state went trans fats free in 2007, and the whole United States nation are going to be trans fat free in 2018.

2. Product Name - High Oleic Sunflower

It is the plant name for the sunflower seed that has been specially grown to contain high content (81.3%) of Oleic acid, an Omega-9 Monounsaturated fatty acid known as healthiest part in oil. Noted that ordinary sunflower seed oil contains only 15-30% oleic acid. 


Monounsaturated fat has more resistant against oxidation than polyunsaturated fats. While oil with high saturated fat raise "bad" cholesterol and put you at higher risk of heart disease. High Oleic oils is a healthier choice than oil contain high saturated or polyunsaturated fat.

3. Features of Enjoi High Oleic Sunflower Oil

High monounsaturated fats
i.e. Oleic acid, known as healthiest component in the oil. 

Cholesterol free

As the oil is plant originated, it does not contain any cholesterol which may increase risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Low saturated fats

Saturated fats are less than 9%, Enjoi High Oleic Sunflower has about 7.3% .(7.3g saturated fats in 100g oil). Avoid increasing "bad" cholesterol level in blood, and lower the risk of heart dieases.

100% Refined, Processed and Packed in Australia

All Enjoi oils are not be mixed with other oils, Enjoi oil in your hand is exactly the same oil imported from Australia.

We emphasize it here as there are unethical suppliers, use misleading label e.g. "100% from " in their mixed oil from different countries.

4. Recommeded Storage Conditions

Storage is so important as all oils can decompose or go bad just as a green banana turns brown in your fruit bowl. Proper storage prevents or slows down the oil turning rancid.

5. Production information & Best Before Date

Batch Number

It provides traceability that we can track the production all the way back to where the sunflower seed is harvested.


Production Date

It indicates how much time between the oil is made and you bring the oil home. Always buy fresh oil with nearest production date.

Best Before Date

It is the date you should stop using this package of oil. After this date, even the oil is not opened, the oil is not recommeded to use anymore. Before this date, still need to remember to use your remaining oil as soon as possible once the container is opened since air goes inside the container and reacts with the oil.

6. Enjoi QR Code

It is linked to this website, where you can find updates of our company and oils. There are also information about healthy oils.

7. Certifications and Feature labels​


Healthy oils, Healthy life
We believed Enjoi healthy oils could help to improve your life by keep body functions and avoid diseases.



Endorsed by Master Chef Pierrick Boyer
Our oil is recognized by the famous chef Pierrick Boyer




Trans Fat Free
Our oil is basically trans fats free, only trace amount of trans fats from natural environment.




Australia's Premium Certified Oil
Our oil is certified by Australian organizations such as Australian Olive Association regarding our code of practice, sanitiation, phytosanitary, ingredients origin.



Natural Ingredients
Our oils are produced by fresh, natural ingredients, For High Oleic Sunflower Oil and Canola Oil, only 0.0002% Antifoam is added for proper refining process.



Non-Genetically Modified (Non-GM)
Our oils are non genetically modified meaning it comes from non genetically modified seed. Our oils have chemical analyses that stated clearly there are no GM fragment. 


HACCP Verified

All Enjoi oils are produced and handled with care using HACCP system.

Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point is a management system to ensure food safety. It analyses the whole operations to find our potenital biological, chemical and physical hazards, then set up method to reduce the risk. It also requires company to have good documentary in record keeping, and verify system effectiveness.  



All Enjoi oils are not hydrogenated hence there is only trace of natural trans fat. Partial hydrogenated oils contains large amount of trans fats. 




Cholesterol Free

Enjoi oils is free from cholesterol as it is plant based oil therefore will not upset your blood cholesterol.

Free Fatty acids < 0.6%

Free fatty acids in oil are products of oil breakdown, low level of free fatty acids means the oil is fresh and under well protection.

Kosher Certified

Enjoi oils are Kosher certified by the Kashrut Authority (KA) and Kosher Australia.





Halal Certified

Enjoi oils are halal certified by the Islamic Coordinating Council of Victoria (I.C.C.V) and Australian Federation of Islamic Councils (AFIC), the orgranizations responsible for certification, monitoring and supervision of halal foods exports from Australia.

Australian Extra Virgin Certified

Enjoi Extra Virgin Olive Oil is geniune classified as "Extra Virgin" oils and produced under Code of Practice Certificate of Australian Olive Association (AS 5264-2011).

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