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VITO® Digital Oil Tester – the Oil Safety Indexer

The VITO® Digital Oil Tester helps you to manage the health of oil by measure the accumulated T.P.M. (Total Polar Materials). It is the scientific and most accurate way to know the oil is safe or not. find out the optimal time for oil change and keep legal limit become easy.


The newly redesigned tester is programmable to set your own alert level, the LED display can turns to Green, Amber or Red spotlights indicating whether their oil is near or ready to be replaced.



  • Traffic light alert level function

  • Easy to read display

  • Quick and reliable result of Temperature and T.P.M %

  • Can take measure under frying temperature

  • Common AAA batteries operated

  • Can be washed in sink

  • Come with protective storage case (with full instructions, batteries)

  • Sturdy design

  • It saves money by squeeze every dollar possible from your oil


The VITO® Digital Oil Tester is now available.

Contact us to know more!

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