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Australian Cooking Oils 澳洲進口食油

All the cooking oils we distributed are safety-certified 我們銷售的所有食油均獲安全認證

Products & Solutions​ 產品和解決方案

Our Australian, authentic extra virgin olive oil contains No Cholesterol and nearly 75% monounsaturated Omega-9 fats, which is good for your heart and vessels. Rich in antioxidants such as Vitamin E, Polyphenol help prevent cancers, osteoporosis, dementia, etc.


Australia is a reliable source of genuine, high quality extra virgin olive oil. Despite the Italy is the most popular source, most of the olive oil claiming Made in Italy are in fact not 100% from Italy.

"There is no other food with such high preventative and healing values."

Enjoi's High Oleic Sunflower Oil (HOSO) is a fresh & neutral flavored oil without undesirable smell or a greasy texture. It is a light clear color with hinting of fresh pears. A Healthy, Stable, Cost saving choice has clients include Hooked, Jamie's Italian, JW Marriott, Marco Polo, Mana, Home Eat to Live.

"Enjoi's HOSO is good for western and Asian cusines, especially for deep frying."

Enjoi Premium Canola Oil

Enjoi Non-GM Premium Canola Oil contains about 60% monounsaturated and 30% polyunsaturated fats. Provide Omega 6 and 3 that benefits your heart. The light body, clean taste on the palate suits large range of cooking, from salad dressing to deep frying.

"Non-GM, Premium quality Canola oil from Australia"

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Oil Safety Indexer & Oil Cleaning Machine​ 食油安全檢測和清潔儀器

HACCP-certified instruments HACCP認可儀器

The VITO® Digital Oil Tester helps you to manage the health of oil by measure the accumulated T.P.M. (Total Polar Materials). It is the scientific and most accurate way to know the oil is safe or not. find out the optimum time for oil change and keep legal limit become easy.


The newly redesigned tester is programmable to set your own alert level, the LED display can turns to Green, Amber or Red spotlights indicating whether their oil is near or ready to be replaced.

"Manage your oil with the help of science"

Oil does not last forever, but we can extend the life of the oil by using the VITO® 50 Oil Filtration System. It helps to remove food particles that greatly lower the quality of oil, hence protecting consumers from eating unhealthy oil.

"The Oil Cleaning Machine make every dollar on your oil count"

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Electric Fryer 電炸爐


  • Space-saving design

  • Excellent ventilation on all sides

  • Secure electrical systems

  • Advanced temperature control

  • Up to 6 frying baskets at the same time

  • Safe discharge system

High Efficiency Electric Fryer delivers power with precise temperature control

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