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Enjoi Extra Virgin Olive Oil

"There is no other food with such high preventative and healing values."

In 2016, the Green Manzanillo has produced a very firm base taste and consistency in the oil (43% of the blend) and Corregiola (57% of the blend) is a famous Tuscany variety that strengthens but also enhances or lifts up mother nature own tastes that belong to fish, meat, vegetables or the seasonings made for spaghetti or pizza.

Product Specifications

The oils are kept fresh, air tight & cool until the orders come through for different packing formats.


Retail Size: 1L / 250ml in glass bottle / 100ml (Spray)

Foodservice Size: 1000L (Pallecon) / 10L (Tub) / 4L (Tin) / 2.3L (Tub)

Health Benefits of Olive Oils

Olive oil contains a large amount of Oleic acid (65%-85%), an mono-unsaturated omega-9 fatty acid which contributes to the reduction of bad cholesterol (LDL) and an increase in good cholesterol (HDL).

The balance between Oleic acid and Linoleic acid is relative to that found in mothers’ milk, and is optimal for the absorption of calcium. Extra Virgin Olive Oil also contains natural anti-oxidants such as polyphenols, and Vitamin E.

​Why Our EVOO?

All our olive trees come from Spanish, Italy, Portugal, France, Israel and other Mediterranean stock. They have been planted carefully by highly skilled agronomists in Australia. Our soils are different and so is the climate. These differences produce more exquisite oils.


Enjoi's EVOO is pure and mainly blended by different varietals e.g. Barnea (an Israeli variety), Picual, Arbequina (both from Spain), Frantoio (Italian) based on the harvest every year, we will change formulation from time to time in order to bring you the best and the fresh. Our all purpose EVOO is faintly sweet, thin and gentle, with very subtle herb and tomato aromas, but well balanced for all kinds of western and eastern cooking cuisines.

In 2016, the Green Manzanillo has produced a very firm base taste and consistency in the oil (43% of the blend) and Corregiola (57% of the blend) is a famous Tuscany variety that strengthens but also enhances or lifts up mther nature own tastes that belong to fish, meat, vegetable or the seasonings made for spaghetti or pizza.

How Our EVOO Made?

We start Enjoi brand with our commitment to quality.


Enjoi's Extra Virgin Olive Oil is not chemically refined, and it hasn't been held in a stored in a shed or container where temperatures can range from 10 to 40°C or loading dock for months, before arrivingto your shelf. We crush our locally grown olives from Tee Tree, Riverina, New South Wales, process free of any artificial colours, flavours or additives, complying with the strictest Australian and HACCP standards, getting to you in the shortest time possible, so you are assured of fresher, healthier and tastier olive oil.

We partnered the largest Victorian groves located in a very dry part of Victoria (near Boort, 400 miles from Melbourne & 600 miles from Adelaide) on the river banks of the longest Australian river. The trees are fed by controlled drip irrigation to reduce plant stress to get the maximum amount of beneficial water and soil nutrients. All our groves and production facilities are ISO9001:2000 accredited.


Our authentic and pure unadulterated fresh extra virgin olive oil has been only pressed one time without any heat or chemical processes, then properly filtered and stored under cool air tight conditions until just in time bottling. All the containers transporting the oil, the pipes and the filling machines are under the strictest management to achieve the highest levels of food safety and hygiene.

Olive Oil’s Best and Most Efficient Trait

  • Helps gastro-intestinal movement and prevents constipation

  • Minimizes the area of an ulcer

  • Increases production of bile created by the gallbladder and minimizes the risk of gallstone

  • Reduces the risk of death from heart disease thanks to improving the blood flow

  • Softens the skin, prevents skin diseases and psoriasis.

  • Good also for minor burns and dandruff

  • Delays the process of aging of the bodies cells

  • Reduces the risk of various cancers

  • Helps prevent the deterioration of mental functioning as we age

  • Decreases the rate of Osteoporosis

  • Improves the growth and development of children

Do you know what you are paying for when you buy imported olive oil from Europe?

Unfortunately the Authorities have reported that over 70% of the imported olive oils that Australians are buying fail the Australian Olive Oil Association standards and labeling regulations that we follow.

When it comes to food fraud, olive oil is the most prone product with anything from substitution of Greek olive oil for Italian, to the addition of refined olive oils or even cheaper seed oils such as corn oil are being added into Extra Virgin Olive Oil bottle.

We encourage you to buy Australian, not only for the survival of the industry but to ensure you are guaranteed fresh, genuine Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

By choosing Enjoi's Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oil, you are assured of fresh, authentic 100% Australian Olive Oil. Also you are choosing to deal with a passionate maker of Extra Virgin olive oil that works well making cakes, frying all types of egg breakfast, sealing vegetables and all kinds of meats before putting them in oven. Or using it for the massaging the baby to improve the babies blood flow and growth of healthy skin.


It is very true that consumers should become more responsible and support the honest oil suppliers. You are not only supporting our olive oil tree farmers, but the tuck drivers and factory workers.

How Does Our EVOO Tastes?

Our oils are blended annually to maintain the aroma, taste and consistency. By blending, we can produce a higher quality finished product to make cooking easier, healthier and taste great.


TASTE – A robust and full-bodied olive oil with intense and flavours of tea leaf, tobacco and bitter salad greens. The oil has a light mouth-feel with a warm and intense spicy peppery finish. Caution – pepper may catch the throat.


COOKING HINTS – Great accompaniment to red and white meats, shellfish, games and potatoes. The pungency of the oil contributes richness and warmth (pepper heat) to foods when marinating, cooking and barbecuing.

Enjoi is listed on the Australian Olive Association Official Blog as Certified Extra Virgin Olive Oil Brands from Victoria.

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