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Find Real Extra Virgin Olive Oil in China

Real Extra Virgin Olive oil comes either as a Vintage wine & its potluck if it's good after 3 months in a bottle. Even if the vintage oil in the darker bottle is stored correctly. Otherwise an extremely good EVOO is blended by an expert that knows not only how it will taste in a Chinese mouth, but how it will work for the best western or westernized chefs when the seal the fish, meat or vegetables. Otherwise the pastry chef can use it for the best breads, muffins, chiffon cakes or luscious biscuits. One last use is to make that awesome salad dressing that does not gel or go still on the salad leaves.

Enjoi has chosen a blend of Spanish & Italian varieties famous in Umbria, Marches & Tuscany. But grown on very young nutritious soil, irrigated (rather than praying for rain) so the trees are under no stress, no strange pesticides and lots of tender passionate grove management. Thereafter Enjoi takes over, packages the oil on a just-in-time basis, keeps out the light, minimizes the effects of temperature changes & air away from the bottle and top with its cylinder. This way your oil is fresh and healthy!

Ready for every mother, young aspiring chef and every professional from a Healthy Element to the best ASIAN cuisine possible even at Lost Heaven!

在中國真正的特級初榨橄欖油(EVOO: Extra Virgin Olive Oil) 就好比打開一瓶陳年葡萄酒時要冒的風險,儘管使用了所謂能讓橄欖油保存較久的深色玻璃瓶,打開一瓶特級橄欖油除了有專業的調理師調配裝瓶,還要經過三個月的旅途上適當儲存、運輸,最終還要能滿足中國市場的消費者!原本從滿足西式料理大廚們運用此油與高溫來封住魚類肉類甚至蔬菜的風味;到餅房大廚運用橄欖油創作最好的麵包,鬆糕,蛋糕或餅乾;甚至是大家常吃的沙律,沙律醬應該是清爽入口而非像膠水樣黏在沙拉葉上或令口腔難過的感覺。

澳洲Enjoi的橄欖油是選擇了西班牙和義大利最有名的橄欖樹品種Umbria, Marches, Tuscany等栽種調配而成,同時選擇栽種在澳洲最天然的土壤,仰賴大自然的灌溉與滋養,沒有任何農藥及精緻園藝的照顧。此後,Enjoi才從大自然中接手,即時將橄欖油裝瓶,讓橄欖油與光的接觸減到最低,最少的溫度變化,甚至空氣的接觸,從橄欖油表面與空氣的接觸,到瓶中僅有的空氣接觸,Enjoi都考慮到,如此在中國你才吃到新鮮的健康的橄欖油!

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