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Why Should Enjoi Extra Virgin Olive Oil Belong in Your Home?

Enjoi Extra Virgin Olive Oil Spray


To Improve the lives of you and your children. Eat 25 ml of Extra Virgin Olive Oil sprayed onto your morning breakfast, lunch & dinner meals.

“The rise in popularity of Enjoi Extra Virgin Olive Oil is due to the Enjoi teams resources & devotion to save lives by increasing YOUR knowledge of the health benefits of fresh extra virgin olive oil.”


Extra virgin olive oil contains high levels of antioxidants, compounds in foods that neutralize cell-damaging free radicals linked to heart disease and cancer. Cold pressing the olives soon after harvest makes for a healthier oil, retaining more of these antioxidants as well as a stronger flavour.

American Diabetes Association said diabetes rates lowers with virgin olive oil mediterranean diet

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Research in the USA’s Brown University clearly states that people raised on a diet that included EVOO had

1. Lower rates of most chronic diseases, including:

  • Cancer,

  • Heart disease

  • Arthritis and

  • Type-II diabetes

2. The research found people who included EVOO in their diet showed decreased risk factors for chronic diseases such as:

  • High blood pressure,

  • High blood levels of glucose and insulin, and

  • Blood clots, and

  • Overweight / Obesity

While the general health benefits of extra virgin olive oil are slowly being shared, few understand that not all EVOOs are created equal.

Many cheaper, refined olive oils are labeled as extra light or pure. Heat and chemical solvents are used during extraction, damaging the quality of the product and detracting from the oil’s health benefits.

Most Buyers simply will pick an oil based on price, or get fooled by labels, showmen & showgirls such as extra light and believe the oil is lower in fat than EVOO.

Made & Bottled in Italy – when he oil never came from an Italian tree grown in Italy.

Enjoi EVOO is the premium from Australia

Enjoi’s Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oil is currently, actually and significantly cheaper than olive oil available from Europe & the Mediterranean when you are assured that your oil has been cared and managed at a greater expense:

  1. It was chosen for its very good chemistry,

  2. Bottled under strict security controls in hygienic conditions

  3. Always Stored correctly away from

  • Light

  • Air Pressure changes

  • Fluctuating temperatures above 25°C

  • Poor quality plastic containers that exchange chemistry, air, light & heat.

  • Especially when you consider the much higher cost of taxes, customs duties, inspections, handling imported goods, improved transport & warehousing programs and so on

Australian olive groves are on fresh healthy soil, managed by very knowledgeable tree specialists that make sure the irrigation water feeds the tree so there is no exhaustion. They use modern harvesting equipment so the fruit does not get damaged and the olive is not exposed to high temperatures and dry condition. Most importantly the trees are grown in areas disliked by the pests, not close to farmers using Monsanto Roundup (glyphosate) and extreme weather.

In the bulk market, 2015 Harvest Spanish olive oil — the determinant of the world market — ranges from EUR1.86 (CNY13.8) to EUR3.33 (CNY 24.64) a Litre at the GROVE gate.

Australian oil from the 2015 Harvest at the farm Gate is between EUR2.3 (AU$3.50, CNY17) to EUR3.28 (AU$5, CNY24.34 a Litre, depending on quality.

With a lower tonnage of production anticipated from the Australian harvest July to September 2016, Australian olive oil prices should experience a rally over the next six months up until the harvest has been properly assessed. Likewise the prices will rise in Europe & Mediterranean markets as their production figures will be lower as so many trees have been killed by disease in 2015 & the lack of funding will restrict incentives to export.

While sales are slowly improving, in Hong Kong, Taiwan & China. The average Chinese consumer still lacks the knowledge to pick a fresh, healthy oil or even a high-quality olive oil.

Nor do they really know how to cook with the oil or even feel confident that they can make their Chinese cuisine as so many counterfeit and sick oils are being sold unfairly by the supermarkets.

It has been Enjoi’s mandate to provide the best possible oil and we’re really trying to hard to educate as many people as possible.

So we need you to share this story with every one of your family and friends and they should in turn pass it on.



Not all oils are the same and the Okoer Report ( proves that you CANNOT trust your friendly supermarket sales lady. They’re just not educated honestly.

They do NOT know that the health benefits are important component and any unfresh oil that has been exposed to sun, light, air (plastic breathes) and fluctuations in temperature will change just like a banana and therefore is not worthy of buying. because it is cheaper than Enjoi.

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