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Poor Lifestyle & Diet Choice Increase Trans Fats Intake

Diet choice affects trans fats intake

Eating is a big part in our life. We enjoy the taste of food and gain energy to support our body and we develop our own lifestyle and eating habit as we grow.

A recent study of Spanish kids’ diet shown that the amount of trans fats in diet is related to the poor lifestyle and diet choices, which may in turn affecting risk of heart disease and other illnesses.

Currently 50% Spanish kids having more than 1% of energy gained from trans fats, exceeding the WHO recommendations. The study found that kids who watch television and consume more sugary drinks are more likely eating industrial trans fats.

Therefore, researchers suggest families should reduce the trans fats intake, including the trans fats from natural sources such as milk and red meat. Since the effect of high natural sourced trans fats in diet is unclear, it is recommends to limit the intake.

Eat healthy – Look for Lowest Trans Fats possible

Most chefs not sure what is in the oil

In Hong Kong, it is not hard to find trans fats free foods. However, there are very few restaurants claim to produce trans fats free meal, it is probably due to the fact that most of the chefs are not sure what is in their oil, particularly frying oils that are used under high temperature (around 190°C), whether is trans fats free or not. And they also don’t know how frying processes affect the chemistry of oil and the food.

HKG legislation to regulate edible fats and oils

While the legislation of regulation to avoid substandard oils is on the way, we should think further such as eliminating trans fats in our diet.

A post of European Food Information Council pointed out that the lack of knowledge is one of the barriers to dietary and lifestyle change. That is why Enjoi as an oil supplier , not only provides trans fats free cooking oils, including high oleic sunflower oil, canola oil and extra virgin oil, but also an one stop solution includes educating restaurants staff how they can manage frying oils and frying procedures so that the food will have lowest trans fats, and we provide HACCP approved instruments to filter and monitor status of frying oil.

Through the Enjoi Crusade, we encourages all food sector stakeholders to work together reduce the amount of trans fats in our food and raise the awareness of public to this matter. Contact us to know more.


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