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Unsatisfactory Result of Okoer's Soybean Oil Evaluation in China

Last year Okoer's evaluation of extra virgin olive oil in China, got an unsatisfactory result. It revealed 10 distributors are selling unsafe & counterfeit oils.

Soybean oil

This year Okoer done a similar test for Soybean oil, oil that is commonly consumed.

The result is not good. A total of 10 soybean oil products were tested, there is 1 rated superior, 3 rated Good/Medium, 6 rated Poor. It was found that Mineral oil components, PAHs and Trans fat content are the main reasons for poor rating.

Soybean Oils Storage

Soybean oil is weak in nature due to its high content of polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs). Oxidations of PUFAs generate free radicals and trigger production of trans fats and other harmful chemicals. While most retail cooking oils in China are not kept in good storage conditions and the oils are hurting. Light, Heat and Air are 3 factors causing most of the deterioration.

Can you imagine the cooking oils still packed in transparent plastic which UV in light can easily pass through. Despite PET is light-weighted, recyclable and cheap, transparent plastics is used partly because people are still looking for "Good" oil based on the colour i.e. yellow means rich and fresh. As an oil supplier, we should do our best to deliver the best to consumers but not solely adding anitoxidants Vitamin E, BHA or BHT to protect the oil, but also educate distributors and consumers to protect their products.

It is no doubt that conditions in storage and during transportation have been improved these days, but you can still find supermarkets in China have poor temperature control and put stock near door and exposed them to sunlight.

Can Your Oil Pass All the Test?

In the report, Okoer shown their efforts to be objective, and all-round through out the whole test. They conducted laboratory tests in independent lab in Germany, they notified the manufacturers only after all tests were completed and compared result to not only National standards GB but European Union regulation and WHO standards.

Though one manufacturer - Kerry Oils & Grains (Tianjin) Ltd., producer of Jinlongyu Refined Level 1 Soybean oil which rated B (Good) replied, “If you ( conduct evaluation of our product using method unrecognized by us, and bring the company into disrepute, we reserves all legal rights to your infringement actions.”

Another point to notice is the “Fortune (福临⻔) Home-style flavor non-transgenic grade one soybean oil” was downgraded by 2 levels due to its high level of mineral oil components. Meanwhile “Fortune (福临⻔) grade one soybean oil” was rated Superior (A+). So it suggested the you should not only consider brand when choosing your oil.

It is inevitable that government, newspapers or magazine reporters will evaluate your products, especially after all those food incidents in China. Chinese are looking for a oil they can trust eating. Civilian monitoring is an act of social progress, suppliers should be confident with your products before selling it. It can also be a free advertisement.

In case you missed it, Enjoi provides education about how to choose an oil supplier.

Below is the full report of the Okoer Evaluation:

The English translation done by Enjoi is also available. In the event of discrepancies between the Chinese and English versions, the Chinese version shall prevail.


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