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Glyphosate, GMO Seed and Trans Fats are Not Good for Making Food

Over the last week lots of newspapers etc. are talking about Glyphosate, GMO seed and trans fats.

Here is a quick summary.

RoundUp (Glyphosate pesticide) is the most common pesticide used to grow seeds and make food oils in Asia, USA & Canada.

Genetically modified seeds are able to resist diseases and create seed oil more easily.

GMO seed & RoundUp (Glyphosate pesticide) are used in plants growing across Canada, USA, parts of South America and China to make seed oil.

Image adapted from ConscienHealth

Trans fats are decomposed healthy fats found very early in the life of seed oil (see below) where the concentration of saturated & polyunsaturated levels is greater than 50%.

These oils are largely responsible for Hong Kong, China, Taiwan having 1 in 4 families to have at some stage in their life a chronic disease. The medical & productivity loss to the countries revenues is seriously far greater than the incorrect valuation for buying these oils.


Consumers are becoming more concerned about using oils made in Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, China, Taiwan, Canada & USA since they either get delayed or sent back by customs.

Because most of them are made from Genetically Modified seeds (like some soybean & rapeseed) that after chemical & high temperatures processes makes the oils create high levels of trans fat.

Many of these oils are not easy to neither trace nor meet environmental & sustainable levels acceptable to countries working to reduce the high percentage of the population suffering from chronic diseases.

Hong Kong and China have stated they want to go trans fat free.

Taiwan wants to be trans fat free.

So corporates listed (Stock Exchange guidelines apply) or seeking to sell into the western 63+ countries that are trans fat free must change over to proven healthy oils.

The latest concerns of the World Health Organization (WHO) are the levels of glyphosate (the main ingredient of Monsanto’s RoundUp pesticide).

Glyphosates do not kill - but they are responsible for weakening the cells that are resistant to disease including liver diseases, diabetes and cancer.

By weakening the cells, the anti cancer cells fall in concentration and this change allows cancer cells to become active. Likewise by reducing the strength of the liver cells to fight diseases - over 140M people in China alone suffer from liver diseases and diabetes.

Enjoi’s Australian oil is Non-GM and the glyphosate levels are below 0.1ppm. Whereas the maximum level of glyphosate residues currently allowed in foods is 30 ppm in the U.S., 20 ppm in Japan & the European Union, 15 ppm in Canada & 0.1 ppm now in Taiwan.

China has accepted for now the levels in Non-GM soybean - However I believe China will reduce the limit level for glyphosates to 0.1ppm very soon.


The measurement of an oil’s stability to oxidation (high temperatures for long hours) is the single most important determinant of how safe, healthy & long an oil can work making great food:

  • Weak oils are typically those where the sum of saturated & polyunsaturated fats exceeds 50%.

  • These oils easily oxidize or decompose as fast as a banana turns from green to yellow & brown very easily.

  • Strong healthy oils that work longer (resist oxidation, lowest trans fat levels) have much lower saturated & polyunsaturated fats.

  • They are typically <10% saturated & < 35% polyunsaturated fats.

  • Hence their chemistry is more stable and resistant to oxidation under high temperatures, access to water and food particles.

  • Strong healthy oils cook, bake & fry for long periods of time, saving money and making very healthy good quality food.

  • Less Stable oils are palm (50% saturated, 11% polyunsaturated), soybean (14%, 60%), cottonseed (25%, 55%) and sunflower (10% &75%).

  • The Very Stable and hard working oils called high oleic sunflower (<8%, 7-12%), canola (<8%, <32%).

  • So the weaker the oil is to oxidation the faster the effects of Glyphosate work.

  • High levels of trans fats, free fatty acids and other aldehydes make healthy people or those with low immunity turn sick and have a chronic illness.

I hope this helps explain the current issues we are reading daily in the international press.

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