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Consider Traceability When Choosing Your Oil

Traceability Flow

How is your consumer and traceability decisions going to determine your purchases of Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) in 2015?

  • Firstly we must know that the shelf life of pure EVOO in a retail environment is two years.

  • We must learn :

  • how and when the oil is supplied from the grove to the bottle fillers.

  • how the bottle fillers fill and store the oil before shipment to the logistics companies that distribute the oil.

  • how the logistics & distributors store the oil before passing it to the logistics company that manages the purchase for the end seller.

  • Then you have to evaluate the time from the date of production and date of filling, how the oil was exposed to light, changes in temperature, exposure to moisture & air.

  • So the integrity of the label matching the contents is your next study.

  • Aside from assessing the chemistry of the oil. We need to know how far the oil has decomposed or oxidised in the bottled of oil being sold.

  • Then a declaration of true origin of the oil being sourced and supplied, becomes important for food safety reasons.

  • Unfortunately, the largest EVOO exporters and are no longer exporting because of a massive drought in 2013, 2014 and this year 2015 a massive disease that has killed most fruit bearing trees. So most shelves that have oil from Italy, Spain & now France with 2014 or 2015 production date must be considered either "fake", counterfeit, or EVOO from other countries.

  • If honesty & 100% traceability prevails then any EVOO seller must declare the original source of the oil. Where it is grown, crushed & filled. e.g. If the Italian owners & sellers of real EVOO may own or lease a grove in, Tunisia, Hungary, Croatia, Libya, Lebanon or even Australia.

  • So if they are honest they would say on their labels that this oil is grown in "Australia" and is a safe & healthy oil.

The above is just a start!

  • The next step is assessment that you are buying a real, fresh, pure, healthy and safe oil. That can be used to make at high temperatures, exposed to air and water sauces, sauté, fry, bake or sealed healthy & safe food.

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