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Oilseeds International: Non-GMO and ‘Canola Factor’ to Drive Sunflower Oils Market

"The sunflower oil market will saturate in the next five years, fueled by the step away from GMO oils and canola." Oilseeds International said.

Snack and food manufacturers have moved away from genetically modified oils, replacing them with a variety of non-GMO certified oils. But the high oleic value and positive label attributes of sunflower oil make it a preferred choice among many, claimed Tony Intal, sales representative of Oilseeds International, a leading supplier of specialty vegetable oils to nutritional product, natural food, and premium snack food companies in North and South America and Europe. Intal said manufacturers also wanted to shift away from GMO oils and steer clear of canola, an oil viewed negatively among many consumers in the US.

“Even though there is non-GMO canola oil, they still want nothing that can have that ‘canola effect’ or ‘soybean effect’. When it comes to concerns over canola oil, most of it is just aesthetics, labeling and marketing,” Intal said.

Manufacturers wanted labels that would appeal to consumers. "Sunflower oil is more of a clean label oil for a lot of these food and snack manufacturers" Intal said. "But also oils that boasted high oleic (monounsaturated) acid values." he said.

These two major factors, according to Intal, are what food industry looking for.

Enjoi Ltd. is the Right choice to buying the Healthy High Oleic Sunflower Oil

  1. Non-GMO

  2. Lowest Trans-fat content of any oil from day one through its frying days

  3. The average fry life in more than 3,000 kitchens: The Galaxy is 7 days, in fish & chips 10 days, in small Chinese run kitchens 5-7 days depending on what is fried.

  4. The cost per litre per day is at least 50% below the cheapest “correctly” labeled local oil.

  5. The amount of absorption and evaporation is between 10 & 15% whereas the current oils are loosing 30 to 40%.

  6. It creates much better quality, crispier, aromatic free, natural tasting food.

  7. This oil wins competitions - we are in 12 of the top restaurants in Hong Kong's top 100.

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