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Is Canola Oil the Same as Rapeseed Oil?

Is Canola Oil the same as Rapeseed oil?

The answer is No. It has been the biggest concern when people heard about the new oil. A post in the "Risk Assessment in Food Safety" section in Centre for Food Safety of Hong Kong, focusing on the misleading information on the internet about Canola oil.

"Misinformation about the safety of canola oil may arise from the erroneous belief that it is the same as rapeseed oil."

"In fact, the composition of canola oil is different from the traditional rapeseed oil (may contain very high levels of erucic acid up to 60% total fatty acids). Canola oil is made from the plant developed from natural cross breeding of the rapeseed plant and has very low levels of erucic acid (below 2% total fatty acids)." according to the CFS.

In brief, Canola oil is only a species of oil developed from the traditional rapeseed oil. Their seeds are truly very different, so as the chemical compositions of the oil produced.

Actually the reason for the development of the Canola oil is to reduce or remove harmful substances of the rapeseed, which are Erucic acid, and Glucosinolates.

“Erucic acid present in edible oil is a monounsaturated fatty acid (22:1 n-9). …..The..intake of erucic acid may damage their heart tissues, but this link has not yet been established in humans."

"Glucosinolates in rapeseed (for producing rapeseed oil) and in the cross bred plant (for producing canola oil) can be reduced by heating during the oil processing. Glucosinolate-derived compounds may interfere with iodine uptake and thyroid function."

Therefore the Canola oil is in fact much better than Rapeseed oil. But still people should buy oil from trustworthy shop or supplier to prevent any fraud oil products.

Enjoi Canola oil has the following characteristics:

  • Non-Genetically Modified

  • 100% Australian made

  • A pale clear coloured oil with definitely a distinct fresh and clean mild aroma and flavor

  • Light body, clean taste on the palate

  • Known for its higher stability and frying temperatures

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