From Healthy Fabulous Foods Comes Healthy Safe Recycle Product

December 15, 2016

Enjoi Oils are being used at HOME - Eat To Live – Hong Kong’s favourite Vegan restaurant!

Enjoi says "Wonderful food comes from the Talented Chefs of HOME!"

  • Choosing real fresh & pure healthy, long life quality ingredients

  • Use cooking & frying methods that do not loose the ingredients’ benefits

  • Feeding you the maximum amount of vitamins, antioxidants, vegetable protein & fats, which are locked up inside the foods, nutrients are not lost but concentrated.


HOME’s Chefs are making Attractive By-products from their waste oil & food such as their Attractive soaps.

Images from HOME - Eat to Live facebook


Waste oil could also be used to make:

  • Pet food pellets

  • Pig & fish feed pellets

  • Heating fuels

  • Steam energy


Their name HOME - Eat to Live means to make the community aware that their menu of healthy foods free the consumer from the likelihood of getting a chronic illness.


Making clean soluble soap from the used Enjoi Omega-9 rich healthy oil to create a better & safer world for every child is a commendable action.


"A healthy life begins with amazing healthy food."


And for our environment to be safer, more hygienic, we can to convert sustainable and traceable food products into biodegradable products.


Let’s act together and do thing positive to the earth!

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