Trans Fat Bans Cause a Reduction in CVD Mortality Rates

June 27, 2016

From Report:
Trans Fat and Cardiovascular Disease Mortality: Evidence from Bans in Restaurants in New York - 
Brandon Restrepo and Matthias Rieger, EUI Working Paper MWP 2014/12



"Low levels of artificial trans fat consumption increases the incidence of CVD such as heart disease."


"The results indicate that trans fat bans cause a 4% reduction in CVD mortality rates, which translates into a reduction of about 12 CVD deaths per 100,000 persons per year." 


"Using recent estimates of the Value of a Statistical Life-Year, we estimate that the fatal heart attacks prevented by trans fat bans, even if they extend life by only one year, can be valued at about $3 million per 100,000 persons annually."



Hong Kong Centre for Food Safety report stated that:



Studies showed that an intake of 2% energy from trans fats can lead to a 23% increasing chance of having CVD.

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1 in 4 are likely to get a Cardio Vascular Disease using trans fats rich oils. The biggest obstacle to choosing healthier oils is the reluctant "attitude" of the people including all chefs & backup staff to accept the change over.


KFC in their annual 2015 report clearly state that low polyunsaturated & saturated fatty oils are the safest, for instance high oleic oils & Canola oils. The whole world knows that after New York States change to using the lowest Trans Fats possible the incidence of cardio vascular diseases fell by 40%


This means 1 worker in 4 is likely to get the disease (heart attacks, blood clots, heart failures). So aside from savings of 30% on cost of goods, higher quality, more nourishing & longer shelf life food. You can save many consumers from contracting Cardio diseases, cancer & chronic diseases by teaching them to eat out at restaurants declaring they have the best ingredients including oils with the least trans fats . 


If you need proof look at Steven Hortons' profile - I am going to post a report on the topic. I hope you get back to me to learn how Enjoi's two low Trans fats oils work for the longest period safely & achieve for most the goals - so we can all make the change and enjoy healthy food and have healthy lives!


1. Trans Fat and Cardiovascular Disease Mortality: Evidence from Bans in Restaurants in New York - Brandon Restrepo and Matthias Rieger, EUI Working Paper MWP 2014/12
The report can be download here.

2. Food Safety Focus (16th Issue, November 2007) – Incident in FocusTrans Fats in Foods - Centre for Food Safety

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