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December 13, 2016

Eating is a big part in our life. We enjoy the taste of food and gain energy to support our body and we develop our own lifestyle and eating habit as we grow.

A recent study of Spanish kids’ diet shown that the amount of trans fats in diet is related to the poor lifesty...

December 7, 2016

63 countries and the World Health Organisation blame partial hydrogenation for producing trans fats in oil, which in turn aided every 1 out of 3 family in Asia having a chronic illness.

According to the Nutrition Insight’s post, the new method called HVACP seems to solv...

August 30, 2016

​63 countries around the world think it’s a good idea to Reduce Future Medical Expenses and avoid a chronic illness by not working in kitchens where the fumes are concentrated in Aldehydes.

The cost to employers, hospitals & family is significant. 

Answer – live healthy,...

June 27, 2016

Knowing about what you eat is always important because:

Enjoi always likes to gather people thoughts about oils, and how they make choices, so that we can educate the public to make a reasonable, healthy and affordable choice. 

Enjoi believe...

June 27, 2016

From Report:
Trans Fat and Cardiovascular Disease Mortality: Evidence from Bans in Restaurants in New York - 
Brandon Restrepo and Matthias Rieger, EUI Working Paper MWP 2014/12

"Low levels of artificial trans fat consumption increases the incidence of CVD such as h...

May 31, 2016

Over the last week lots of newspapers etc. are talking about Glyphosate, GMO seed and trans fats.


Here is a quick summary.


RoundUp (Glyphosate pesticide) is the most common pesticide used to grow seeds and make food oils in Asia, USA & Canada.


Genetically modified seed...

May 22, 2016

Is vegetable oil really the healthier choice? Currently the South African Food Based Dietary Guidelines among other countries in the world, still support the use of vegetable oils, but according to recent research these cooking oils may be doing us more harm than good.


March 24, 2016




The Enjoi Crusade opens the door for Owners & Operators in the food service sector to do some community service that in fact has a rich reward.


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