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December 15, 2016

Enjoi Oils are being used at HOME - Eat To Live – Hong Kong’s favourite Vegan restaurant!

Enjoi says "Wonderful food comes from the Talented Chefs of HOME!"

  • Choosing real fresh & pure healthy, long life quality ingredients

  • Use cooking & frying methods that do no...

September 4, 2016

Real Extra Virgin Olive oil comes either as a Vintage wine & its potluck if it's good after 3 months in a bottle. Even if the vintage oil in the darker bottle is stored correctly. Otherwise an extremely good EVOO is blended by an expert that knows not only how it will...

August 30, 2016

​63 countries around the world think it’s a good idea to Reduce Future Medical Expenses and avoid a chronic illness by not working in kitchens where the fumes are concentrated in Aldehydes.

The cost to employers, hospitals & family is significant. 

Answer – live healthy,...

August 25, 2016

This post is originally posted in The Olive Times:
Extra Virgin Olive Oil Better for Frying Fish by JEDHA DENING on 25th August, 2016

Researchers found that the cooking oil we choose determines the generation of toxic compounds during frying, "which can have a great inf...

July 6, 2016

Click here to download Chinese version of the page.

From The Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2015 of Yum! Brands, we can understand how hard food giants like Yum! would like to do to get rid of unhealthy oil.

They already change from unsustainable source Palm Oi...

June 17, 2016


To Improve the lives of you and your children. Eat 25 ml of Extra Virgin Olive Oil sprayed onto your morning breakfast, lunch & dinner meals.

“The rise in popularity of Enjoi Extra Virgin Olive Oil is due to the Enjoi teams resources & devoti...

June 3, 2016

According to the report from 60 minutes Overtime, CBS News on 6th Jan 2016, Italian olive oil business has been corrupted by the Mafia, which is making big bucks tampering with Italian food products in ways that could affect consumers. The Italians call it “Agromafia”...

June 2, 2016

This is a summary of the Food Safety Focus (112th Issue, November 2015) in Hong Kong Centre for Food Safety.


Aflatoxins and Benzo(a)pyrene are the two major carcinogenic chemicals particularly presented in fats and oils....

May 31, 2016

Over the last week lots of newspapers etc. are talking about Glyphosate, GMO seed and trans fats.


Here is a quick summary.


RoundUp (Glyphosate pesticide) is the most common pesticide used to grow seeds and make food oils in Asia, USA & Canada.


Genetically modified seed...

May 23, 2016

Hooked – 香港最好的新西蘭炸魚薯條外帶店。因為身為廚師的老闆希望令他的炸魚薯條看起來特別吸引,味道自然、新鮮、香脆和美味得讓你食指大動。每個顧客都知道他們正在享用香港最健康的炸魚薯條,只要聞到從廚房傳來的香味和看到食物完美的顏色,每個客人都會想開一瓶生啤酒配上美食,馬上享用。



Hooked – is Hong Kong’s No 1 New Zealand Fish & Chips ta...

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